SPLINTER - Wooden Supercar

It is the brainchild of designer Joe Harmon, a North Carolina State University student who worked with fellow undergraduate designers to create the world's first wooden supercar. Wood is used wherever possible, and that includes the chassis, the body and in the majority of the suspension components and wheels. Harmon said: "We aren't trying to sell anything, we aren't trying to save the world, and we aren't advocating that everyone should drive a wooden car. This project is a scholastic endeavour in which we are simply trying to explore materials, learn, teach, share ideas and stimulate creativity."

So while it's unlikely to ever meet full production in its current guise, we can at least take a moment to drool over the stats. Power comes from a 4.6-litre V8 petrol engine, centrally mounted for perfect balance, and producing 600bhp. This is linked to a six-speed manual gearbox, largely made of wood, of course. The 15ft-long Splinter can therefore hit 0-60mph in just over three seconds. The advantage of the wooden construction is weight; at 1,135kg the two-seater Splinter weighs 260kg less than the stripped-out Porsche 911 GT3, and will average 20mpg thanks to its slippery aerodynamic shape. Splinter claims top speed of 240 mph.

If the Splinter does make production, its creators could have an illustrious career. One hundred years ago British car company Morgan started making cars made from wood, and the company is currently one of the most successful British specialist car makers today.

Projected Curb Weight : 2500lb
Wheelbase : 105.0in
Length : 174.5in
Width : 82.0in
Front Track : 70.0in
Rear Track : 69.0in
Height : 42.0in
Ground Clearance : 3.5in

Mid-engine, rear-drive

Laminated wood veneer Monocoque

F 14.0in drilled, slotted, vented rotors with 6 piston calipers R 12.0in drilled, slotted, vented rotors

3 piece- forged rims, laminated wood center section
F 19in X 10in
R 20in X 13in

Michelin Pilot Sport 2
F 265/35ZR19
R 335/30ZR20

Sweet Mfg Integrated Servo 12:1 Rack and Pinion

Unequal length upper and lower laminated wood A-arms
Transversely mounted laminated wood leaf spring
Adjustable remote reservoir tube shocks
Laminated wood anti-roll bar

Laminatesd wood trailing arms
Transversely mounted laminated wood leaf spring

Aluminum block and heads
32V DOHC reverse-flow cylinder heads
4.6L displacement
Twin Roots-type superchargers
4 air-to-water intercoolers
Projected 600 bhp

6 speed manual transaxle
Getrag limited-slip differential

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