Digital vs Film Photography

Digital versus Film
CostNo film costs, but high-end equipment is expensive.Film and developing costs. Forcheaper costs, develop as negatives
only and scan at home.
Ease of useMore controls in LCD panel in addition to filmlike creative and manual modes controlled by knob
at top of camera on most models.
Frequent change of batteries
or battery removal and recharging
required for camera to work.
Fewer controls and no LCD make camera less confusing.
Image qualityClear and vivid. Some folks notice a “plastic” quality that digital images can have. Edges are crisp (too crisp, according to some).More natural-looking images when light hits film, which creates observable chemical change that’s recorded on the film and that can be kept as a hard copy for decades.
Output toolsGallery-quality prints can be made at home with new multiple ink cartridge printers.Gallery-quality prints have to be sent out for processing unless you have complicated developing
materials at home along
with a darkroom.

source : Digital Arts Photography for Dummies book