Goliath Tiger Fish

Goliath Tiger Fish (Hydrocynus goliath) is one of the most fearsome freshwater fish in the world and said to be a much bigger and deadlier version of the piranha. It also known as giant tigerfish, or mbengaIt is found in the Congo River Basin (including Lualaba River and Lake Upemba), and Lake Tanganyika. A study published in 2011 revealed several mtDNA clades in this region, suggesting a higher tigerfish species richness than traditionally recognized. If confirmed, this would restrict H. goliath to the Congo River Basin. Four additional species (H. vittatus and three undescribed species) appear to be present in this Basin, while two (H. vittatus and an undescribed species) appear to be present in Lake Tanganyika.

This large-toothed and highly predatory fish grows to a length of 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) and a weight of 50 kilograms (110 lb). Hydrocynus goliath is a piscivore, feeding on any fish it can overpower, including smaller conspecifics.
When hunting, this fish uses the calmer eddies of the rapids to ambush its prey, using its keen sight and hearing to detect prey. When a target is noticed, the fish uses acceleration to chase it down.
This video shows the catch by Jeremy Wade (River Monster)

Source : wikipedia, rivermonster.tv

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