Fastest Wind-Powerd Car

A British engineer has smashed the world land speed record for wind powered vehicle,becoming the fastest naturally powered human on the planet.Richard Jenkins clocked 126.1 mph in Greenbird,harnessing winds of just 30mph in the futuristic vehicle.

The Greenbird that resembles a stretched missile with a giant fin,set the top speed on the dry bed of lake Ivanpah on the border of California and Nevada in the u.s.The team beat the previous American-held record of 116 mph,which was set by Bob Schumacher in the iron duck almost 10 years ago to the day at the same location.The fifth Generation Greenbird,which Jenkins designed and built on his 10 year quest to beat the record ,uses a combination of technology found in aircraft and Fomula 1 cars.
“ it has been a incredibly difficult challenge” he said.” Half the challenge is technical,having to create a more efficient vehicle than the previous record holder and then the rest is luck,being in the right place ,at the right time,with the right people watching”. I think this was an interesting information and I also think there will be an another one to beat this Beast…

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