Green Diesel Technology Vehicles

What is the technology in Green Diesel Technology® vehicles?
This new technology utilizes the benefits of a catalyzed diesel particulate filter and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel in combination with an exclusive International engine performance design that significantly lowers the emissions and odor of diesel-powered buses and trucks.

Are Green Diesel Technology buses and trucks currently available?
International Truck and Engine Corporation manufactures Green Diesel Technology school buses and trucks, and provides Green Diesel Technology retrofit kits for late-model diesel vehicles. Our Green Diesel Technology school buses have been in service in California since 2000. International’s no-smoke, no-smell diesel vehicles and retrofits are available to customers in markets where diesel fuel with sufficiently reduced sulfur content is available..

How does this new technology work?
International's modern, highly efficient engine with advanced hydro-electronics is the heart of the technology. Engine combustion is optimized to lower nitrogen oxide emissions by approximately 25%. The vehicle is fueled with ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel (sulfur content of less than 15 parts per million). A catalyzed diesel particulate filter replaces the ordinary muffler. This three-level technology system makes it possible to cut gaseous hydrocarbons and particulate emissions by 99% from previous levels, to near-zero levels. International's Green Diesel Technology vehicles, using this system, will comply fully with 2007 Federal rules. For a graphic demonstration of how GDT works, click here.

Is the after-treatment technology proven?
Yes. Catalyzed regenerative particulate traps are widely used in European countries, such as Sweden, England and Germany, in transit buses, refuse haulers and diesel locomotives. Some individual trucks and buses equipped with this technology have accumulated more than 300,000 miles. After-treatment filters in Green Diesel Technology school buses have been in service in California, with highly satisfactory performance, since 2001.

Will this technology affect the life of the engine?
The service life of the engine will not be compromised in Green Diesel Technology vehicles.

Can this technology be retrofitted on existing trucks and buses?
Yes. The technology can be retrofitted on trucks or buses with International DT466 engines with serial number greater than 1194039 and on International T444E engines with serial number greater than 843990. For information on International's Green Diesel Technology retrofit kits, click here.

What are the benefits of Green Diesel Technology vehicles?
Modern Green Diesel Technology engines and vehicles enable truck and school bus customers to continue to rely on the performance and durability of International products and to meet clean-air requirements wherever the vehicles operate.
What does the California Air Resources Board (CARB) say about Green Diesel Technology school buses?
The California regulatory board in 2001 certified the clean-air Green Diesel Technology school bus for inclusion in its program to retire older buses from school districts. Under the CARB's current rules, the Green Diesel Technology school buses are qualified to share in state funding of new bus purchases by school districts.

What is the Federal regulatory position on Green Diesel Technology vehicles? 
The Green Diesel Technology system has been certified by the Federal agency. At an official ceremony in Washington D.C., International Truck and Engine Corporation was recognized by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for producing a diesel engine that meets standards for particulate and hydrocarbon emissions six years earlier than a proposed federal deadline.

Can Green Diesel Technology school buses be delivered to customers outside of California?
Patrick Charbonneau, International's Vice President, Regulatory and Technology Affairs, states: "Schools can continue to rely on the power and fuel-efficiency of diesel buses, while helping to make their clean air goals. We can deliver these Green Diesel Technology buses not only to California, but to other parts of the country where the fuel is available." The availability of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel is increasing, and will be phased in under a new Federal law.

How has International achieved this clean-air diesel breakthrough?
International has always been at the leading edge of diesel technology, frequently showing how to reach clean-air goals efficiently and ahead of government mandates. The Green Diesel Technology vehicle breakthrough is the next step toward diesel power without pollution. International has taken its high-performance, low-emission engine and fitted it with a special converter that runs on ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. The results are brilliant. Particle emissions are reduced by more than 90 percent, which exceeds the stringent truck emission standards proposed by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. And it is better than the emissions of the next best alternative — compressed natural gas.

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